Waikato Hospital as seen over lake Rotoroa

This Anaesthetic Simulation fellowship position involves a mix of clinical anaesthesia and simulation teaching.

The Department of Anaesthesia at Waikato Hospital provides simulation-based training to anaesthetic and multidisciplinary groups working in the theatre complex.  There is a well-resourced simulation lab for in-centre teaching, as well as the equipment necessary for in-situ high-fidelity simulation training in the operating theatre.  The Department currently undertakes regular small-group teaching for anaesthetic trainees and technicians, skills-based workshops for trainees, has ER codes for the consultant-level CICO and ALS courses that are run, and delivers the NetworkZ program to the multidisciplinary theatre team.  In addition, ad hoc sessions with PACU nurses, emergency department staff, and in-situ “patient journey” simulation scenarios are also run.  The fellow is expected to contribute to these simulation outputs, and learn about simulation manikins, high-fidelity simulation, debriefing, and principles of adult education.

The Anaesthetic Simulation Fellow position involves the following:

  • Instructing on NetworkZ courses [In-situ theatre team simulation] (one full day per month)
  • Instructing on registrar simulation workshops
  • Instructing on the Thursday Skills Teaching program [registrar CICO, ALS and APLS workshops]
  • Assisting with consultant ER CICO and ALS courses
  • Developing additional simulation teaching courses – for example, in-situ PACU teaching, trauma simulation
  • Scenario development and creating standardised run-sheets for scenarios
  • Identifying learning points/systems issues from simulation and implementing change within the theatre environment

In addition, the fellow is expected to attend the NZ Simulation Instructors Course in Wellington (held in March each year), undertake the online distance learning course to become a NetworkZ Instructor, and work towards a formal qualification in education.

Clinical experience includes two service-provision days per week, as well as a full-day list in a clinical area of interest to the fellow, to be negotiated at the commencement of their term.  As Waikato Hospital is a tertiary public hospital with a full range of sub-specialities including paediatrics, obstetrics, trauma, neurosurgery and cardiac surgery, there is scope for a wide range of clinical experiences.  The fellow will contribute to the afterhours roster, although there are no night shifts. The role also includes shifts as the rostered Duty Anaesthetist after a minimum of 6months.  This will be a supported position that gives the fellow the opportunity to develop their leadership, theatre management and trainee-supervision skills. 

The fellow will have one day per week of non-clinical time, independent of their simulation-based teaching day.  It is anticipated that this non-clinical time will be used to work towards a qualification in education, undertake audit, and contribute to simulation-based research.