Waikato Hospital as seen over lake Rotoroa

R.D. Sanders, N. Mostert, H. Lindroth, G. Tononi, J. Sleigh

British Journal of Anaesthesia, Vol. 121, Issue 1, p330–332
Published online: February 15, 2018

 Editor—We recently wrote an editorial in the British Journal of Anaesthesia titled ‘Is consciousness fragile?’,1 and we now extend this discussion by reporting two cases informing us ‘Is consciousness frontal?’ To date, monitoring the frontal EEG under anaesthesia has not been shown to accurately detect intraoperative connected consciousness,2 although it may guide titration of anaesthesia to induce amnesia.3–9 Recent debate and experiment has proposed that posterior, not prefrontal, cortical brain regions represent the minimum neural correlates of consciousness.