Obstetric Anaesthesia Fellowship

The obstetric anaesthesia fellowship post is a 12month position, and is accredited for the ANZCA PF year.  The focus of the fellowship is increased exposure to obstetrics, particularly high risk obstetrics. 

There is a significant high risk obstetric population in the Waikato catchment area, and there are systems set up to identify and manage these women safety.  High BMI patients are commonplace, and the large catchment area offers exposure to a range of comorbidities and abnormal placentations.

On average, the fellow will have 3-4 sessions in obstetrics each week, split between Delivery Suite, elective Caesarean Section lists, and the High Risk Obstetric Clinic.  The fellow also attends and represents the Anaesthetic Department at the High Risk Obstetric MDT meeting.

The fellow has 2 sessions of non-clinical time per week, apportioned to allow them to achieve their research, audit and educational requirements.  They will also be rostered to non-obstetric lists in our main theatre suite.  As we are a large tertiary-referral centre hospital, this means that the fellow can maintain a broad skill-base in acute, elective and trauma cases as they move into consultant practice, and is a unique feature of a fellowship at Waikato Hospital.

The fellowship will consist of: