Waikato Hospital as seen over lake Rotoroa

I can hardly believe that the vivas are upon us already!

Good luck to all our candidates! We wish you every success, and we hope you will let us know your results in due course.


Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the Part 1 Course this year. It was another extremely successful course. Thanks to all the lecturers and examiners who gave their time and expertise to help the course to run. Thanks to Karen for her amazing organisation behind the scenes. And thanks, of course, to the wider department, for minding the shop to let the rest of us run the course. We appreciate it greatly.

And to you, the candidates, we wish every success in the exam ahead. We will be thinking about you. Please let us know how you get on in due course!

Aidan, James and Jeff.

Here is the finalised version of the Course timetable. It might look like a confusing morass of coloured boxes to you. We think so too. However, we will help you make some sense of it when we meet you on Day 1.

Red boxes are lecture content. Blue boxes are viva practice or small-group teaching. Yellow is break time (MT is Morning Tea and AT is Afternoon Tea).

Week 1 Timetable

Week 2 Timetable

There are a little over three weeks to go until the start of the course. I’ve been in touch with you all by email. By now you should have your accommodation sorted, and your travel plans finalised. You should also be well on the way to digesting the main topics of the exam syllabus.

At this end, things are going well. Catering is sorted. Venue is sorted. The timetable is nearly finished and I will upload a finished version soon to this website.

If there are any small changes to anything, I will announce them here first. Please use this website as a means of keeping up to date with all the latest information about the course.


I’ve just been running my computer randomisation program to allocate the course numbers.


There were a few surprises this year.

First is that we had a whopping 57 applicants, which is a huge jump up for us. Last year we had only 35 applicants. This is an all-time record.

Second is that we had a lot of candidates from the Midland NZ region: 11 in all. This is many more than I expected.

This means that the numerical odds of getting a place on this year’s course, for non Midland applicants, is very low. I make it 9/46, or 19.6%, a little under 1 in 5.


I realise this will come as a disappointment for many of you, and I am very sorry to turn so many of you away from the course. I realise that the exam really matters to you, and this course offers you a good chance at improving your chances of passing.

The high application numbers obviously imply that our course has a strong reputation, which in turn implies that we are doing something right.

In the interests of transparency, I include the screen dumps of my randomisation program. There are similar screen dumps further back in this thread. The important thing from your point of view is that I have no idea who those candidate numbers belong to. I don’t know your names. I don’t know your locations. Karen the secretary has a spreadsheet of applicants and has given me only the numbers of the local applicants so that I can exclude them from the randomisation.


Tomorrow (or thereabouts) Karen will be contacting you. Those of you up to number 20 will be offered a place. Candidates 21, 22 and 23 have still got a chance of a cancellation before the course begins. Realistically, those of you with a lower place than number 23 have very little chance of getting in (though last year we did have one very late withdrawal and one lucky person was still available to fill the place).

If you do get offered a place, we will expect you to show us proof that you have registered to sit the exam in August. We will also be asking for money. If you are offered a place, then find you cannot use it, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer it to another candidate.

One last thing in closing. This course doesn’t pass the exam for you. What passes the exam is your own effort and graft. Even if you didn’t get a place, there is still time to get your nose to the grindstone and get some serious work in.